i-Marketing Solutions

Get the most out of your company website

Attractive presentation and skilled communication are key to successful on-line marketing.

Company websites have the potential to replace traditional visiting cards, promotional brochures, mailing and much more, as a highly effective marketing tool.


Like the first handshake, the visual impact of your website is what gives your potential client an instant impression of your company even before you start your sales pitch.

What is the image you want the world to see? Serious, professional, stylish, innovative?

A design that is right for your company will attract attention, capture interest and set you off on the positive path to a successful business.


You may have a great looking website but is it as efficient as it can be?

Designers often pay too much attention to aesthetics and neglect functionality of websites.

Clear layout, coherent structure, easy navigation, fast page loading – these are some of the simplest but essential requirements of a successful website design.


You may have a stylish website with slick navigation, but what about its content?

Like a company presentation or a product launch, a market orientated approach is needed in creating a website if you want to maximise its potential and increase positive client response.

Our copywriters can help create content that communicates accurately what you offer and enhances the way you appear to the outside world across the internet.


Isn't bad translation giving your prospective clients a poor impression of your company and failing to give the professional image you want your company to project?

Even when technically correct, literal translation cannot always deliver your message accurately across cultural barriers and may result in missed business opportunities.

Skilled translation will give you a contextually accurate content that blends in better with the target market culture.

Site optimisation

Now you have an attractive and well functioning multilingual website, it needs to be visible to the targeted market segments.

We use the latest technology and know-how to maximise your site's presence where it is intended to reach.


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